Christmas Concert of 3 Mixed Choirs and Children

Christmas Concert of 3 Mixed Choirs and Children
  • DateSun, Dec. 25, 2022
  • Open3:00 pm
  • Start4:00 pm
  • VenueJ:COM Hall Hachioji

The three SATB choirs from the Koyukai, for which Matsushita serves as conductor and music director
-Gaia Philharmonic Choir
-Collegium Cantorum YOKOHAMA
"Minamino Kids Singers"
will have a big concert on Christmas day.

The third stage will be a Christmas concert featuring
three songs scheduled to be included in the "Japanese Folk Songs 10" series published by edition Kawai; "Tsugaru Jongara-bushi/Jongara of Tsugaru (Japanese Folk Songs 3)", "Yasaburo-bushi/ The melody of Yasaburo(Japanese Folk Songs 4), and
brand-new piece, "Hohai-bushi."
All three songs were composed based on folk songs of Aomori Prefecture.

In the fourth stage, we will perform "Hikari, Sanshu/ Three Poems from the Lights" for two groups of mixed chorus.
The final piece, "Hotaru, Hotaru, Hotaru/ Fireflies, fireflies, fireflies" had been published as a single piece.
In May of this year, all of this Suite including "Mizu/ Water" and "Nioi/ The Scents" was performed again with the Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo.
I hope you will enjoy the world of Sakon So's text with the music.

In addition, each choir will perform, and joint performances with children will also be held.
We hope you will enjoy a variety of choral music.
Please refer to the image on the back of the flyer for all programs.

We are sincerely looking forward to your attendance.

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