Tokyo Youth Choir 2nd Concert

Tokyo Youth Choir 2nd Concert
  • DateSat, Oct. 09, 2021
  • Open13:00
  • Start13:30
  • VenueItabashi Culture Hall

The Intercollegiate Women's Choir Voces Fidelis and the Intercollegiate Men's Choir Voces Veritas, which usually perform separately, will hold a concert together as the "Tokyo Youth Choir.

The Tokyo Youth Choir will perform two suites, "The Road to Tomorrow," composed by Hideki Chihara with poetry by Tomihiro Hoshino, and "Each of Us" composed by Ko Matsushita with poetry by Shuntaro Tanikawa.
There will also be an a la carte stage as Voces Fidelis and Voces Veritas.

Tickets can be purchased at livepocket. Please come and listen to the students' songs.