Brilliant Harmony The 31st Annual Concert "Malody, It's Love"

Brilliant Harmony The 31st Annual Concert
  • DateSun, Jun. 13, 2021
  • Open18:45
  • Start19:30
  • Venue第一生命ホール

The 31st Annual Concert - Melody, It's Love IV", which had to be postponed due to the new coronavirus in May 2020, will be held one year later, on June 13, 2021!

Conductor/composer Ko Matsushita has selected excellent melodies for the popular series "Melody is Love".
This year's program, the fourth in the series, features a wide range of selections, from good old domestic and international masterpieces to "seasonal" contemporary pieces that have been featured in many competitions overseas.
Also noteworthy is the first performance of the arrangement of Kazushi Miyazawa's "Shima Uta," which was a big hit in 1993 by the Japanese pop group "The Boom". This is a work for women's chorus, arranged by Koh Matsushita with all his might.
The concert will feature an elaborate program with commentary.

For more information about the concert and to purchase tickets, please visit the choir's special concert website. Please note that all seats are reserved to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Please visit

This concert will also be streamed live.

If you are too busy to attend the concert, or if you are far away, please enjoy the live streaming. You can also enjoy the archived broadcast as many times as you like for three days after the performance.

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