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Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA

Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA

Established in 1997. This Chamber Choir is highly valued by not only Japanese but all over the world's choral scene.

Along the way, this chamber choir has achieved good results on the many competition of domestic and worldwide.

Vox Gaudiosa has a wide-ranging repertoire such as from Renaissance pieces to Contemporary. 

This is an orthodox and very famous chamber mixed choir in Japan, the harmony which is grown by its potential and history is getting a high degree of trust from inside and outside of Japan.

The activities: Annual Concert (Once a year), CD Recordings, Commission and premiere of new pieces, Taking part in the choral festivals and events, Having the joint concerts with other choirs, and so on.

Date on the rehearsal: Every Saturday, 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

Current members: Teen-Sixties, Men and Women

The area of the activities: Tokyo