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Intercollege Ladies' choir Voces Fidelis

Intercollege Ladies' choir Voces Fidelis

This is an intercollegiate women's choir (a circle of students who do not identify with a university) founded in 2010. The group pursues the pure, beautiful sound and the rich, expressive possibilities of the female chorus.

Membership is open to any female student who loves chorus and is attending a university, graduate school, junior college, or academy.

The members graduate from this choir upon graduation from school.

Voces Fidelis has participated in many international competitions in Europe and Asia during its biennial concert tours, resulting in grand prizes.

The choir is perfect for students studying in the Tokyo area and who want to take up choral music in earnest.

The activities: Annual Concert, Having concert tours to domestic and overseas, Taking part in the International Competition in Europe and Asia, Participating in the choral festivals and events, Concerts at schools and juvenile facilities, Summer camp, etc.

Date of the rehearsal: Every Friday, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Current members: University students, graduate school students, junior college students, vocational school students (women)

The area of the activities: Tokyo (Around Yoyogi, Shinjuku, Korakuen, Zoshigaya area)


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