SSA Chorus

Avis Libera

Avis Libera

Established in 1998. The name of this SSA Choir means "The birds of freedom" in Latin. Although this choir's age is adult, however, the members are performing well various eras and categories of the choral works from all over the world without their compromise.

Welcome to their “Super-Mammy’s Choir”!

The activities: Concert (Once every few years), Taking part in the choral festivals, events, especially the Tokyo Spring Choir Competition every year, Having the joint concerts with other choirs, etc.

Date of the rehearsal: Every Thursday, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Current members: Fifties-Seventies, Women

The area of the activities: Tokyo (Around Shin-Okubo, Korakuen, Naka-Meguro area)